The Color Scroller from Alex turns coloring books into scrolls, feeding pages through a 7×9 machine. Turn the knob at the bottom of the scroller to change the picture you are drawing. Includes a bottom tray to hold the 6 crayons and 2 scrolls of 50 pictures. The Alex Color Scroller is fun and drawing all rolled into one!

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This brightly illustrated set of 10 double-sided self-checking puzzle cards teaches kids to understand the order of events, along with cause and effect. Set contains five sequences for each season. Students place cards in the proper sequence to complete the scene. Includes activity guide.

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Hand painted and modeled from nature Clydesdale Mare. Each horse has true-to-life modelling, meticulous handpainting, and is equipped with the Schleich tag bearing the red S symbol for highest quality.

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Add a gentle touch of color to that special little girl’s outfit with this charming bracelet. Multi-layered flowers and acrylic beads are threaded onto a coordinating, elastic band. We love the delicate visual design of this bracelet. This bracelet was de

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Major Bren Derlin has a tough call to make. With heroes Luke Skywalker and Han Solo stranded out in the frigid conditions on the ice planet Hoth, Derlin must side with caution and close the base doors for the night. He bravely takes responsibility for the decision and informs Princess Leia himself. Includes exclusive hologram figure that measures 2″. Major Bren Derlin measures 3.75″.

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Drive away to save people in the Mighty Ambulance! The rear doors open to reveal a set and stretcher for the patient. The roof of the patient area, the 2 cab doors, and the hood open for added play value. This playset includes Rob the Paramedic figure, paramedic bag, walkie-talkie, and the accessories needed to raise the truck’s suspension. Figures are approximately 3 inches tall. Batteries are included. Ages 3 and up.

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12 36 months. Our lightweight, soft pocketbook is perfect for toddlers. Includes 7 accessories that you need on an everyday basis, a wallet with a credit card, cell phone that rattles, key chain with 2 keys, and an automatic door lock that squeaks. All parts machine washable in warm water and line dry.

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Take your toys on the road and keep them organized in an ideal toy box for the car! Measuring 12″ long, 6″ wide and 8″ deep, the toy box has a Velcro strap that attaches to a seatbelt to keep it from moving around. It also features an adjustable take-along strap, a sturdy zipper closure and lots of fun pockets and compartments. Great for snacks, art supplies and media storage, too! Awards & Acknowledgements Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award Recommended Age: 3 and up

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GENERAL FEATURES: The Female Grizzly Bear figure from Schleich is meticulously hand painted and is beautifully designed in true to life modeling. This figure is measures approximately 2 1/4 by 3 3/4 inches. This product comes with the Schleich tag bearing the Red S, a symbol of highest quality. Suggested for ages three and up. Schleich Product #14323

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Bring the beach to your yard with a sand and water table! Comes with a scoop, shovel, rake, boat, sprinkler, two funnels, spinning mills, and waterfall connector. There is a durable road play cover and 10 accessories included. The table breaks down into small stacking pieces for easy storage. It’s unique design allows for separate compartments for water and sand. The play accessories can be connected into multiple configurations. Ages 18 months and up.

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This figure is articulated and equipped with weapons and accessories that are activated by the EXP Power Key. The EXP Power Key allows Batman to become even more powerful by giving him greater control over his gadgets and weapons. Just press in the EXP Power Key, turn and fire. Figure measures approximately 5″ tall.

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